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Response of aggregate associated organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous to re-vegetation in agro-pastoral ecotone of northern China 期刊论文
GEODERMA, 2019, 期号: 341, 页码: 172-180
Authors:  Yufei Yao;  Nannan Ge;  Si Yu;  Xiaorong Wei;  Xiang Wang;  Jingwei Jin;  Xuetong Liu;  Mingan Shao;  Yanchun Wei;  Li Kang
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陕北固沙林恢复过程中土壤碳氮组 分库特征与固存效应 期刊论文
干 旱 区 研 究, 2019, 卷号: 36, 期号: 4, 页码: 835-843
Authors:  哈斯尔;  郑嗣蕊;  涂伊南;  万家鸣;  杨咪咪;  黄悦;  余可;  佟小刚
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固沙林  恢复过程  土壤碳氮  固碳  毛乌素沙地  
Incorporation of Pre-Treated Straw Improves Soil Aggregate Stability and Increases Crop Productivity 期刊论文
AGRONOMY JOURNAL, 2017, 卷号: 109, 期号: 5, 页码: 2253-2265
Authors:  Yu, K.;  Dong, Q. G.;  Chen, H. X.;  Feng, H.;  Zhao, Y.;  Si, B. C.;  Li, Y.;  Hopkins, D. W.;  Feng, H (reprint author), Northwest A&F Univ, Natl Engn Res Ctr Water Saving Irrigat, Inst Soil & Water Conservat, Yangling 712100, Peoples R China.;  Zhao, Y (reprint author), Northwest A&F Univ, Minist Agr, Key Lab Plant Nutr & Agrienvironm Northwest China, Yangling 712100, Peoples R China.;  Zhao, Y (reprint author), Univ Saskatchewan, Dept Soil Sci, Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A8, Canada.
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The differences of water balance components of Caragana korshinkii grown in homogeneous and layered soils in the desert-Loess Plateau transition zone 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF ARID ENVIRONMENTS, 2013, 卷号: 98, 页码: 10-19
Authors:  Cheng, Xiangrong;  Huang, Mingbin;  Si, Bing Cheng;  Yu, Mukui;  Shao, Mingan;  Huang, MB (reprint author), Northwest A&F Univ, Inst Soil & Water Conservat, State Key Lab Soil Eros & Dryland Farming Loess P, Yangling 712100, Shaanxi, Peoples R China.
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Hydrus-1d  Semiarid Region  Soil Texture  Transpiration  Water Use